Byzantine Beauty

Byzantine Beauty

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This vintage Kenneth J Lane ‘Byzantine” pendant from the ’70’s is the perfect piece to display some gorgeous labradorite, kunzite and kyanite!

 Kyanite brings tranquility and a calming effect to the whole being. It is an exceptional stone for transitioning into deep meditative states. It promotes good communication, bridging the gap between different beliefs and ideas, and encourages self-expression and speaking one's truth.  Kunzite is a stone of emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two.

Kunzite helps to relieve heartache over loss or separation, and in overcoming heartbreak after a relationship has broken down. The soothing power of It calms nervousness during an examination, interview or assessment, and is useful in situations where you cannot show irritation.

Labradorite brings out the best in people, making life more congenial! It tempers the negative side of our personality, the traits and actions that rob our energy that can produce depression or shame.