Designing jewelry is a relatively new path for me. For the past 28 years, I have had a Psychotherapy Practice in Toronto and London, England from which I have derived a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Prior to this, I achieved a degree in Performance Music (Classical Vocal and Piano), worked in Fashion and also attained a degree (and worked) in Interior Design. 

I started designing clothes and jewelry for my self some time ago and somehow, that has turned into this!

The inspiration for my necklaces has come from wanting to wear my treasure trove of vintage designer costume jewelry but feeling like they needed a little something extra to make them feel ‘more like me’. All of my pieces are unique. The master craftsmen who make these beautiful pieces use only stones of Grade ‘A’ quality and above and only the highest quality beads, which are sourced throughout the world.

As you can see, my pieces are not for the faint of heart! Each piece displays a different aspect of my personality, or interests that I have, or are just passing fancies. I choose a vintage piece first and then work with the stones. From my work as a Psychotherapist and from many years of Meditation and spiritual exploration, I go along with the beliefs of our ancestors that there are healing properties in gems and choose what I wear based on what I feel I am needing at the time.

I was born in Canada and have been fortunate enough to have also lived in the United States as a child and spent the majority of my adult life in England. I now live in Toronto, Canada.  

We understand that these aren’t your regular baubles. Even though you could wear them every day - as I do - they often go to special places and we love to live vicariously through others. In fact, we are so attached to these pieces and love them so much, we want to know what kind of a life they are having once they've left home. Please keep in touch and send us photographs!








All of the beautiful illustrations on this website have been drawn by Laurel Foster. The photographs have been taken by Michael Kohn and by Kristy Fraleigh.